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- Gap Measurement - Solar Simulation / UV / Ozon Atmosphere - SAR for Medical Implant

Conventional such step gauge or thickness gauge contact type measuring instrument and replaced with non-contact electronic gauges, enables reduction and quality enhancement of time and cost by the introduction of these products.

SolarLight is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-precision UV light sources, solar simulators, radiometers, various sensors, and detectors.

High-end EMF test system and compatibility test system for medical implants for prototype evaluation of EMC and RF induction heating. We provide on-site application for clinical diagnosis and therapy.

- Color Sensors - Water Solution /Biology - Air Sampler for Bio-Technologies

Our customers in a wide range of fields, such as automobile / packaging / label manufacturing / metal stamp / plastic / electronic and electrical / cosmetics manufacturing / pharmaceutical, will guide you through the various process control sensors for industrial use.

Innovative technologies for UV light measurement and UV/VIS spectroscopy enable more convenient, more accurate and cost-effective monitoring solutions for the fishing industry.

Pinpoint Scientific's Impact Air is a microbial air sampler designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and specialty food industries.

- Load/pressure/torque measurement - Radio Active - Remote medical care

Roadster capacitive load cells are ideal as embedded products for load and force measurement in various fields.

Radio-active dosimetry, surface contamination measurement, environmental monitoring systems, such as large equipment pollution level measurement, we will provide products suitable for a variety of radiation, radioactivity measurement.

Along with the hospital beds decreased by an aging society, there is a growing demand in the patient's home care. We have developed a telemedicine system for the purpose of that to dispel the anxiety of patients at home.

- Shielding Materials & EMC - Environment/ Garbage disposal

Development of ultra-fine metal thread, by the development of a dedicated loom, thickness was able to make up the metal cloth of the world's thinnest of 23μm. Compact and low-cost EMC measurement is possible.

Earth Cube treats organic wastes that require heat treatment without the need for fossil fuels by magnetizing air.

- iOS-Oscilloscope

iMSO is an excellent product that becomes an oscilloscope simply by connecting to mobile devices such as iPAD, iPhone, and iPod. The operation is very easy and intuitive to use.

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